Drill Pipe „Hunting“
HDD TOOLS FOR SUCCESS At Hunting, we offer a toolkit of products to help our customers stay productive and profitable from drill pipe and tooling to mud motors. THE NEW HX-1TRN QUICK CONNECT A Single Rotation for Quicker & Safer Directional Drilling The revolutionary HX-1TRN quick connect requires just a single, 360-degree rotation to fully connect or disconnect transition subs, starter rods, pulling adapters, backreamers, and other downhole tools for rigs in the 40,000-lb class and below, saving you time and providing for a safer work environment. The HX-1TRN is also compatible with threads on every downhole tool you have in the box. HIGHEST QUALITY DRILL PIPE Because you can’t afford to fail. It’s not just a stick of pipe. It’s the lifeline of your next job. If it fails, you fail. That’s why Hunting pioneered the one-piece forged design around a zero-fail philosophy. From raw materials to final machining, every stick of Hunting drill pipe is built to tougher standards than any other pipe in the industry. And with Hunting, we offer saver subs, drive chucks, starter rods, and quick connects all designed to fit your HDD unit – making the switch to Hunting easier than ever. THE M-SERIES MUD MOTORS WITH SWB TECHNOLOGY Where tracking information is within three feet of “Real Time,” so operators can drill with confidence. The Hunting M-Series Mud Motors incorporate SWB™ (Survey While Boring) Technology that directly improves your ability to control the bit’s direction by locating the sonde housing into the bearing housing just three feet behind the bit, providing the operator with the most effective tracking information than any other mud motor in the industry.
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