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Quick Connect System
Quick Connect System Vermeer
Quick Connect System AT-Boretec®
Quick Connect System Ditch-Witch
Transition Sub
EZ-Connect Adapter
Starter Rod
Easy undo fr om sondhousi ng and rea mer. Can be us ed als o in small excava tio ns where n o use o f breakout tongs i s possible . Time saving systen through quick change of tooling without torque o f machine and with out use o f breakout t ong s. In general an advantage of l ong m od els start er rod which are connected t o drill pipe can b e break open als o i n clamps o f ma chine. Recommended in softer gro und conditi ons.
Co lla r
Collar Stan da rd Available for all h exagon a nd octagon collars of Ditch-Witch and Verm eer, no ma tter what quick connect system you use.
Collar with Sha r k T e eth Available fr om stoc k als o c ollars with shark teet in ord er for smoother pull back and to mini mize wear.
EZ-Conne c t Adapter Ver me er If old proven Low-Profil e or new Quick-Connect system, we ha ve both s yst ems in va riou s mod els a vailable fr om stock f or you.
EZ-Conne c t Adapter D it c h - Wit c h Also for Ditch-Witch toolin g we offer two diff erent systems. The s yst em, wha t you are used to or prefer you will get it fro m us!
EZ-Conne c t Adapter AT-B or etec ® New in our product range a re SW EZ-Connect Adapt er from AT-Boretec® wi th c onfiguration pos sibilities of different c onnections.
Starter Rod Ver me er Starter Rods off er you a tor que free conne cti on to you r tooling, in ord er to install a nd deinstall it saf e and easy.
Starter Rod D i t c h -Wit c h As well as wi th th EZ- Conn ect Adapt ern, we offer bot h mod els of Star ter Rods. As a standard ea ch Start er Rod is made out of fl exibel and wear resis tant s teel which is inspected bef ore each deli very like all other par ts fr om Alpdril l.
Starter Rod AT-B or etec ® The SW S tarter Rod is a vail able for different ma chines. Optional equipped with a check valv e.
Tr ansi tion Sub The connecting part fr om drill pipe to rea mer or sondhousing from Ditch -Witch. Throught its length it can be break open with the cl amps of the machine.