Shr edd er
For each job we can off er you th e be st soluti on. Our standard rea mers are equipped wi th a n integrated Swi vel fr om 5 to . - 50 to . The Fluted- and Kodiak-R ea mers are produ ced with a konus in back. Th erefore, pull ba ck i s po ssible. A vailable wi th al l API Reg., IF and FH Thread s. The Reamers ca n be als o equipped with a direct drill pipe connection o f Ditch-Witch, Vermeer and Tracto -Te chnik. Then n o adapter is needed and h igher safety is gu arant eed!
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Rock Cr u she r
Bar rel-Reamer
Bea ve rtai l
Rock Crusher
Fluted-Reamer out of plates
Fluted-Reamer out of one piece
Flu ted -Reame r wit h integrated swiv el made out of one p iece
Flu ted -Reame r wit h integrated Swivel mad e of pl at es
Kodiak- Rea mer wi th integrat ed swivel
Flycutter wit h 3 or 5 win gs
TCI-Ho leopener Our TCI-Holeopener Heavy Duty Design is equipped with maximum amount of hight quality cutters. When constructi ons all ows, our H oleopeners are equipped with centralizers.
PDC-Ho leopener Standard equipped with 5 wings and made ou t of one piece wear resist ant steel in order to avoid any danger of breaks. Several repairs pos sible! Als o availa ble with spiral centralizer.